Individual Consultations With A Dietitian

Administrator talking with a female doctor.

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians provide personalised treatment at individual appointments. Your current diet will be assessed and dietary treatment will be provided with a lifestyle approach. Our dietitians have the skills to empower you to make positive long-term changes to your eating habits.


What to expect:

During your initial consult a Diet By D’Zyne dietitian will:

  • Ask a series of medical nutritional questions
  • Review your health and dietary history
  • Discuss your diet and nutrition goals
  • Provide lifestyle recommendations suitable to the individual
  • Advise on manageable steps towards achieving your goals
  • Give you the necessary information and tools to get you started in the right direction

Follow up/subsequent visits are strongly recommended to:

  • Monitor development and progress
  • Provide additional information and advice
  • Provide support and motivation to help you achieve your health goals

Maintenance consults will keep you on track to ensure you remain motivated and focussed to achieve your health goals!

What NOT to expect:

There will be NO:

  • Magic pills, potions or lotions
  • Blood tests or hair analysis
  • Unrealistic promises
  • Quick fixes

Commitment, determination, consistency and perseverance are required to achieve your health and dietary goals.