Craving Craze Package




Craving Craze Menu Plan Package
ONLY $99* (save $26.70)

Your Package Includes:
1. Craving Craze Menu Plan
Finally, a menu plan to tackle your food cravings!!
2. Salad Divide-a-Bowl
Plan ahead for your meals with this nifty salad bowl
3. Diet By D’Zyne Portion Plate
Serve your ideal portion size with this user-friendly portion plate
4. Ulla Smart Water Drinking Device
Blinks to remind you to sip, exactly what you need to keep hydrated! Is it thirst or is it “hunger”?
5. Protein Bars
A delicious selection of four protein bars to keep your hunger pangs at bay

6. Good Vibes Enjoy This Moment Colouring Book
A great tool for distraction from mindless eating

About the Craving Craze Menu Plan
User-Friendly – Practical – Everyday Foods – Structure – Routine – Planning – Goal Setting – Recipes – Treats – Quantity – Frequency – Lifestyle – Strategies

*plus postage


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