Shop like a Dietitian – 6 Top Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

Would you show a Dietitian a photo of what’s inside your shopping trolley? To eat healthy foods you must buy healthy foods, so it really does all begin in the supermarket. And the cliché saying of “out of sight, out of mind” rings true. We are very good at coming up with reasons why we need to buy treat foods. Do any of these sound familiar?

• “It’s for visitors” – That might be true but we both know your visitors are more than happy with a cup of tea!
• “It’s for the kids or other family members” – The kids enjoy cut up fruit or vegies with dip. You can manage healthy eating habits not only for yourself, but for your family as well.
• “It’s for the weekend” – Healthy eating is a 7 days a week habit. The weekend should not be an excuse for extra calories.
• “I’ve been good all day so I deserve a treat” – Then why stop now! Keep the focus and continue your trend of keeping on track.
• “I am stressed so I need a treat” – How about going for a walk? A run? Exercise is a great coping mechanism and stress reliever. Food is none of these things!
• “It was on special – a great bargain” Yep, except you’re going to feel less excited about that bargain by the time you have munched your way through those extra calories.

Whatever the reason (or let’s just call it as it is… the excuse), know that if it passes through the checkout, chances are it will get eaten.
So here are my top 6 tips for healthy shopping habits:

1) Fill about ~50% of your trolley with fresh fruit and vegetables
2) Don’t shop on an empty stomach – this one is a no brainer!
3) Use a shopping list – and stick to it! (and plan your meals ahead so your shopping list has all the items you actually need for meal preparation)
4) Avoid the tempting aisles – biscuits, lollies, potato chips, soft-drinks. These are all empty calories
5) Limit the number of times you go into the supermarket, the more often you are in the supermarket, the more likely you will have to deal with temptation
6) Leave the credit card at home and use cash instead, this way it is easier to stick to a budget. If you have just the right amount of cash then you are likely to buy only what you need

Put these 6 steps into action and you are sure to buy, eat and ENJOY your healthy food choices. If you require assistance with your journey to healthy eating, we would love to hear from you and guide you along the way.
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Happy healthy shopping!

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