Quality vs Quantity

Picture this… You rush into the supermarket to grab a carton of milk. You pick up the low fat milk. You always choose low fat milk. You make your way to the checkout. You pass a promotion stand of chocolate. Family size chocolate blocks. On special. Two for the price of one. Bargain. You grab a couple of your favourite flavours. You have friends coming over this weekend, and you can share the chocolate with your friends. You pay for the milk and the chocolate and make your way to your car. You get into the car, and think you will just have one square of chocolate to taste. By the time you get home you have finished one row, instead of the intended one square. A short time later you are down another row. And before you know it, the block is finished. You are not sure how. You don’t even remember tasting it, it was kind of just scoffed mindlessly. You are feeling lousy, over eaten, and promise yourself you won’t let that happen again…until the next time you rush into the supermarket to grab a carton of milk, low fat of course!

Now picture this… You really feel like a piece of chocolate. You remind yourself about quality vs quantity. You go to a boutique style chocolatier store. You choose 2 individual pieces of quality chocolate. You pay for the chocolate. You get into your car, tempted to eat the chocolate, but decide to wait until you get home. You arrive home. You take the chocolates out of the boutique-style packaging. You place them on a plate. You sit down at the table, making sure there are no distractions. You use all your senses to assess the chocolate, finally taking a tiny bite and letting it melt in your mouth. You savour the individual chocolate, tasting its yumminess… smooth, rich and creamy. You are satisfied. You take the second piece of chocolate, wrap it back in the package and save it for another day.

The difference:
1 family block chocolate = ~1300 calories, ~75g fat; mindless eating, no satisfaction, quantity
1 boutique style piece of chocolate = ~80 calories, ~7g fat; mindful eating, full satisfaction, quality
And this is the meaning of “Quality vs Quantity” – you should give it a go!

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