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Ready-Meals and Ready-Soups
Busy lifestyle? Diet By D’Zyne Ready-Meals and Ready-Soups are the perfect tasty solution for a healthy lunch and/or dinner. Ready-Meals are Australian Made, sealed in an airtight pouch to preserve the flavours and aroma of the food

  • Portion and calorie controlled
  • Tasty and nutritious
  • Delivered to you at an affordable cost
  • Convenient storage and preparation
  • No added preservatives
  • Gluten Free options available

Portion Plates and Portion Bowls
No more guessing the “right portion size” with these fantastic portion control tools

7 Day Meal Plans
Each plan includes a comprehensive seven day meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snack guidelines, hints and tips, and free foods

  • Kick Start Diet
  • Chocolate Lovers Diet
  • Convenience Plus Meal Plan
  • Fuss Free Meal Plan
  • Meat Lovers Meal Plan
  • Vegetarian Meal Plan
  • Gluten Free Meal Plan

Nutrition and Weight Loss Books
A fantastic selection of books to assist you with achieving your health goals.

Does hunger rule your eating

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Do you wait for those hunger pangs to kick in before you eat, or do you find yourself munching for so many other reasons?

Relying on your hunger signals makes it a lot easier to keep a regular meal pattern with healthy food choices.
Clock Hunger – Oh its midday, you must be hungry for lunch
Social Hunger – Out for coffee with friends….and coffee becomes coffee with cake
Emotional Hunger – Happy, sad, anxious, upset or excited just to name a few, these are the types of emotions that can lead to devouring a packet of potato chips or block of chocolate
Visual Hunger – You walk past a display cabinet at a shopping centre café and there is a delicious looking tray of pastries waiting for your attention. You weren’t thinking about pastries 5 seconds ago, but now that you’ve seen them temptation takes over
Exercise Hunger – You have been to the gym so you must be extra hungry. Unless you are working out daily and spending hours training, chances are a half hour session at the gym is not going to make you any more hungry than usual
Physical Hunger – This is genuine hunger and the signals can vary from tummy rumbles to feeling weak or tired or even feeling shaky or light-headed. On a hunger scale of 0-5 with 0 being not hungry and 5 being famished, it’s important to respond to your hunger signals at a rating between 3- 4.5. Snack hunger is usually a rating of 3 and meal hunger is a rating of 3.5 or higher. If you eat at rating between 0-2.5 chances are you are fueling your body with extra unnecessary calories. And if you allow yourself to get too hungry the kitchen could become a picnic.

Snack Attack

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Its 3.30pm and the munchies kick in. Are your snack choices affecting your waistline?

Snacking on small healthy snacks between meals is a healthy lifestyle approach to long-term weight management, however if your snack is a high calorie high fat choice, or if your snack turns into a picnic then its likely that this is going to contribute to excess calories, making weight management challenging.
Plan ahead for your snacks, you could even prepare a snack box each day with 2-3 healthy snacks to graze on between meals. Healthy snack choices include fruit, vegetables with low fat dip, low fat yoghurt, air popped popcorn, wholegrain crispbreads with low fat cheese or a small handful of nuts (not the whole packet). A selection of treat snacks can be included from time to time, provided portion size is well managed. Some treat snacks include low fat biscuits, an individually wrapped small chocolate or a small piece of plain cake.
Finally, to ensure healthy snacking try implement what I refer to as the “Q” Rule – give yourself a snack “Quota” per day, manage your snack “Quantity” and make “Quality” snack choices.

Save Your Calories

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Is this you?  “I eat very healthy foods but I just can’t seem to shift those extra kilos”

There are many ways for calories to add up, and many ways to save calories.
Let’s say an extra 200 calories creeps in each day (equivalent to about 2 slices of bread), by the end of the week, you have squeezed in an extra 1400 calories which for the average women is almost a days worth of eating. This means you are squeezing 8 days of eating into a 7 day week, making weight loss challenging or perhaps not achievable at all.
Make some simple calorie saving changes and watch the kilos melt away by substituting the following:

  • Instead of a tablespoon of margarine, choose a tablespoon of light cream cheese and save 80 calories
  • Instead of a tablespoon of whole-egg mayonnaise, choose a tablespoon of 97% fat free mayonnaise and save 70 calories
  • Instead of a medium size t-bone steak with fat, choose a medium size t-bone steak trimmed of visible fat (lean) and save 130 calories
  • Instead of a small 200g serve of full fat yoghurt, choose a small 200g serve of fat free yoghurt and save 105 calories
  • Instead of a 400ml whole milk latte coffee, choose a 400ml skim milk flat white coffee and save 100 calories
  • Instead of a Mars Bar, choose a Mars Red and save 105 calories

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