Nutrition Facts and Fun

Here’s a few facts about your nutrition that will help you on your way.

Coffee – On average a 300ml café latte made with full cream milk will add 168 calories and 9.3g fat to your daily quota. Replace this with a café latte made with low fat milk and you will reduce your calories to 120 and your fat to 2.4g.
Chia seeds – Chia seeds are a great source of protein, omega 3, dietary fibre and calcium. For a power hit of nutrients add chia seeds to salads, stir-fries, breakfast cereals and yoghurt.
Quinoa – Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), is often referred to as a grain, however it is actually a seed with great nutritional value. Quinoa is gluten free and high in protein, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.
Blueberries – Looking for a sweet but healthy fix….Blueberries are sweet and low in calories. They are a source of vitamin B6vitamin Cvitamin K and dietary fibre.
Chocolate – Have you had your chocolate fix today? The calories from a standard size chocolate bar (50-60g) will take most people more than hour to burn off in walking!
Soft Drinks – On average a can of soft drink has 10 teaspoons of sugar. If you are having a daily fix of soft drink, by the end of the week you may have clocked up to 70 teaspoons of sugar from the soft drink alone. Switch to no added sugar varieties, or better yet replace soft drinks with water or sparkling mineral water.
Exercise – Not reaping the weight loss benefits from your exercise? Perhaps“exercise reward” is getting in the way…. rewarding yourself with food treats for doing your exercise? Chances are you are replacing the calories you have burnt off, plus more! Treat yourself to non-food rewards and reap the benefits of weight loss!

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